The Damned EP

by Every Minute Can Kill

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released July 1, 2014

Produced and Engineered by Shane Frisby at The Brick HitHouse
Mixed and Mastered by Pete Rutcho
All Songs Written and Performed by Every Minute Can Kill



all rights reserved


Every Minute Can Kill Vineland, New Jersey

Angry rock band from New Jersey.

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Track Name: Hell Is Empty...
Bury them we’ll live like kings.
Bury them we’ll live like kings, but it’s not what it seems…
it feeds.
It feeds and it eats at you from the inside.
…And it eats at your soul until there’s nothing left,
but mannequins, in a hopeless charade, feigning humanity.
Just bury them we’ll live like kings.
bury them we’ll live like kings.
Bury them, forget the names.
Every victim will be left faceless.
I looked into my brother’s eyes but they were never met.
He and I were damned, forever we’d be damned.
We have a debt to pay, fate won’t let us live this down,
no not this time.
There’s not a thing to steal or cheat that can pay for what we’ve done.
Because there’s beauty in all things but not in me.
I’ve stripped that away.
My soul will never rest without an angel’s salvation.
Now I’ll rot away forever at the bottom of a pit.
I built this hell myself, I’ve got to live in it.
I have a debt to pay fate won’t let me live this down, no not this time.
There’s not a thing to steal or cheat that can pay for what
I’ve done.
I will be forever haunted by the faces of the faceless.
Track Name: Sin Eater
This terrain feels so strange to me.
I am lost. Through this darkness I can't see,
but in the distance I hear voices, they call to me.
With words like sand slipping between my fingers,
falling to my feet.
Nothing but noise hits my ears as I contemplate my fate.
There's no way out, time is slowly running down.
Be my escape. Be my escape from this place and outrun the darkness of my heart.
I’m your salvation.
Stand and face yourself, can you bear what you see?
Is it poison on the eyes? Are you cold and empty?
I pray, I pray, I pray for the weak.
I pray, I pray, I pray for the sick.
I prey, I prey, I prey on the weak.
I prey, I prey, I prey on the sick.
Sin eater give me peace. Lay me down to sleep,
I pray The Lord my soul to keep.
Dear Sinner, how does one eat lust?
I'm choking on your greed, I deserve not your trust.
Be your own salvation or be forever damned.
Track Name: Death of a Salesman
We've all been tricked by a slick talking snake oil salesman.
I've been holding out for years looks like it’s time to fold.
Hope is for the young and now I'm growing old.
It's nothing but a cancer, it's only getting worse.
How can we expect to be free when our greed always comes first?
Maybe I'm just blind, which is exactly how they want me.
I'll play the fool but for how long?
When do we stand up?
Forgive me father for I have sinned,
I've forgotten how to live and I've forsaken forgiveness.
I've grown cold laying in a warm bed.
Tried to buy happiness but it bounced my check.
All these years have helped me forget
that in my struggle for power I traded my friends.
All these years and I'm still second best,
I wish I was empty but I'm filled with regret.
We've all been tricked by a snake oil salesman.
You'll own the world, but will you ever know love?
You'll have the best, but it will never be enough.
I hope it's worth it.
Track Name: Lilith
She put a spell on me.
She had the face of an angel, but the tongue of a serpent.
She whispered sweet lies through her small sharp teeth.
She said "don't worry you'll be just fine, you'll be just fine."
Then she asked me a question, but she knew the answer.
She said "baby there's something I need.”
I said "take what you want, oh take what you please.
If it’s for you then it's alright with me."
She pretended to think, it was a beautiful show,
then she said “can I please have your soul?"
I never bothered thinking twice,
I was completely under her control.
And if she wants it, she can have it.
And if she needs it, she can take it.
She can have my soul. It's worthless to me now.
She was perfect.
Track Name: ...and All the Devils Are Here
I was called to a domestic disturbance,
but I arrived at the scene of a murder.
Inside I found the work of the devil.
there was so much blood you could taste the metal.
He took the gun from his head, raised his hands in surrender.
He wants mercy, he'll get the mercy he showed her.
Now it's just you and me.
This coward had a wife that he didn't deserve.
bashed in her head with the base of a blender.
now she's laying on the floor under a blanket of her own blood. Others arrive for bagging and cleaning.
I put the cuffs on his hands, say "I'll take him myself".
Before he could cry for help. You did this to yourself.
What have you done? (COWARD)
What have you done? (YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS)
What have you done? Your hands are stained red.
Do you remember our trip out to nowhere?
I put a gun in your mouth and you swore you'd never hurt her.
She was so frail, like a baby bird.
I never should have taken a coward for his word.
I was weak. I chose a half measure.
How can I live knowing that I could have saved her?
Then I stopped, put the car in reverse,
turned around headed straight for the desert.
There will be no half measures.