Faceless Creatures

by Every Minute Can Kill

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glen sutherland
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glen sutherland features a story continuing through each song, that is both sad and truly beautiful. well written album.
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Recorded by Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside)
Mastered by Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, The Word Alive)


released January 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Every Minute Can Kill Vineland, New Jersey

Angry rock band from New Jersey.

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Track Name: His Name Was Mayhem
He cleared his throat, made himself know, walked to the center of the room from the shadows.

"Please take a seat, don't dare try and leave." He tapped on his pistol and smiled as he winked.

He had the face of the devil.

"You wanna hear the truth? I'm a thief and a killer. I'm a damned soul awaiting the reaper and I'd love to see you try and stop him."

I swallowed hard, but couldn't find the words. I heard her scream "stay back you monster, you murderer!"

She raised her eyes to the door. You could see it in her face that her heart was torn. He knew what had to be done. His eyes turned as black as his heart truly was.

I stood then in silence but no words came in time. The devil stole my tongue, my eyes, my spine.

He raised his pistol.
"You've gone mad!"
"Well darling, I suppose I have!"

This is who I am. This is what I am.
"Well I can't save you so shoot me if you'd like but I'll die heading for that door."
And he did, and she died, as it all turned to black.
Track Name: Her Name Was Salvation
I think I met an angel the other day. Good or evil it’s hard to say, but I’ll never be the same. I think I’ve be saved.
And I shook; I quivered in terror as I asked her name. She was sweeter than sugar or honey, she said her name was Lily Gray. Now I know I’ll never be the same. Oh I swear I’ll change. I swear I’ll never be the same.
Now I know it’s not safe for a man like me to be so addicted in this way. I’m so undeserving, I’m damned and I know it, but I did what I had to.
“Hey mister looks like you’ve got some pain behind those eyes.” “Well darling you’ve got no idea, but please call me Eli.” She agreed and smiled. She had to be mine.
“Come on just one last job, just one last hit, please man I need this. I know the man you are. I know the man you’ve been. Eli McArthur don’t you lie to yourself, you’re damned just like me, I don’t care what you felt. You’re a murdering man, I’ve seen blood on those hands, and she’ll see it too, she’ll know the truth.”
And he shook; he quivered in anger as I walked away. He was bitter and jealous and lonely, he had nothing but his games to play. Now I rang up my girl, told her to take a cab downtown. Oh how I’ve changed. Oh how I’ve changed.
And I took her out that night. We enjoyed the sounds and sights and I knew it was true. So I told her “baby you’ve got me here on my knees, and I’ve got this ring, and I want you to wear it and stay with me.” And she said “I’ve never been so happy I just might die” as tears began to fill her eyes but I wiped them away as I gently touched her face. Then we did nothing but just stand in place on the street in the heat of July, just staring into each other’s eyes, oh so happy to be alive.
Of course everything comes to an end, don’t dare think that you can forget. You can’t quit a life, you’ve got to bury it. So I’ll kill this lie so you can keep your life. You’ll thank me in due time. You’ll thank me in the end.
Track Name: The Vessel
Am I being honest with myself? My mind's clouded and I'm suffering. Well if I'm not honest with myself, how do I know who I am?

Oh what do I know?

I'm just a vessel, riddled with holes, awaiting purpose from someone greater than me. I hope he's perfect or I'll be the lost soul but I won't head home.

How have we found ourselves in this terrible mess?
All we are, are children entangled in adult dress.
You can close your eyes, you don’t have to see.
But you can’t close my eyes, there’s no fooling me.

I’m not the man I claim to be. It’s true but I never meant to deceive. One day I’ll be the man you seek. Please stay, please stay, I know someday you’ll see.

If I came clean right now, would you save me from myself? I swear I’m not a monster, I swear I’m not.

I can see the disgust in your face, I know you feel the same in your heart. Please save me, I don’t know how else to be free.
His patience is up. He raises his gun. Our time has come.

I lost the love of my life, to a madman with a pistol.
She was running toward the door, from a liar and his brother.

He made an attempt on her life, but I put him down with the shot of gun.
She still hit the ground with a bang, covered by a blanket of her own blood.

I killed her myself. Then I turned the gun around.
Track Name: The Abyss
I tried so hard to put my past behind me, but it just sat there, oh so menacingly. I’ve got secrets, who doesn’t? I’ve missed my secrets and I miss the blood.
I can’t help but feel, I’ve made a terrible mistake. I had everything a man could ask for, I was living a dream and I begged for a nightmare.
Weigh my heart, it’s filled with gold.

His heart stayed unmoving and cold; he never used it anyway.
His bones, brittle and old; they served only to guide me on my way.

If I could go back would I tell you that I loved you?
If I could go back would I have made all of those mistakes?
If I spent my whole life biding my time, would everything end up just fine?
Or with sirens and screaming and crying; over a body that ceased to be mine.

I was reborn here with blood on my hands, a subtle reminder that I’ll be going further than all the rest.
My dreams gone to waste catch fire and burn with the dawn as my memories turn to ash, and all the while I held the flame.

There’s no turning back, I know exactly what I’ve done. There’s no turning back!
Now I’ll go down to the bottom of the pit, through levels of faceless creatures, each darker than the last.

And in the end it’s all my fault.

I was too selfish, too heartless for love, I’m worse than all the rest.
I’m far too selfish, too heartless for life, I’m worse than all the rest.
Oh godless soldier what have you done? Oh blinded soul look what you’ve become.
I just wanna go back.
If I could go back would I tell you that I loved you?
If I could go back would I have made all of those mistakes?
If I spent my whole life biding my time, would everything end up just fine?
Or with sirens and screaming and crying; over a body that ceased to be mine.